Sweet Lavender Baby Powder, talc free

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Product Description

When powdering little bottoms we want to know the product is gentle and nonirritating.

Baby products cram store shelves and boggle the mind in deciding which are best for baby. Once you know what is behind those pretty labels you can narrow your selection a great degree.

Commercial baby powders may contain ingredients you really don't need.
Two things we can do without are talc and zinc stearate. These additions do help create a powder with ease in pouring and help to reduce friction but the problem lies in the risk of being inhaled and irritating young lungs.

The most common cause of recurring rash are bacteria, detergent residues, and trapped moisture. Get to the cause of what is irritating your baby's sensitive skin and you can avoid unnecessary sore bottoms.

Lullaby Lavender powder consists of cornstarch, arrowroot powder, and kaolin clay powder. These simple ingredients are meant to help prevent chafing and diaper rash in a gentle natural manner by absorbing moisture.

Lavender is a common herb considered very safe for use in skin care products for children. Lavender essential oil is often added for its relaxing, and pleasing scent. By smell alone you may detect no difference between a commercial powder and one such as our Lullaby Lavender powder. An observant mom will see the difference if she observes her baby.

Our lavender is therapeutic grade pure essential oil, meaning it is the natural essence of the plant with all its healing and emotional benefits. Synthetic lavender essential oil is used extensively in the bath and beauty industry as a perfuming agent.

The addition of pure lavender essential oil to a powder takes it from a nice smelling product to a valuable aid in healing, deterring the growth of bacteria, as well as an aid for emotional calm.

Diaper changes and after bath time don't have to be a battle to hold baby still long enough to get the job done. Just maybe mom and baby will be smiling and in a good mood. And who doesn't love holding a sweet smelling baby?

Not just for babies!

Lavender Baby Powder comes in a 6 oz. plastic shaker type bottle

Sweet Lavender Baby Powder, talc free Sweet Lavender Baby Powder, talc free Sweet Lavender Baby Powder, talc free

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