Peppermint Body or Air Spray

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Whether into herbs or not, most people are familiar with Peppermint.

Peppermint is just one of many types of mint in the Mentha family. Though very common in the world of herbs mint is certainly not a lowly plant.

Known as the herb of hospitality, mint has long been used everywhere from the kitchen to the sickroom.

Cooling Peppermint Body Spray (during the summer season we called it Summer Heat Body Spray) utilizes the refreshing attributes of menthol in peppermint essential oil. The aromatics alone can put you in a lighter mood and clear your head. Peppermint is a great study aid for students as it perks up the brain.

Liberally spray yourself from head to toe as a way of cooling off should the discomfort be coming from the temperature outside, overexertion from a workout, or in getting through another heat flash.

Spray your counter tops or windowsills to deter the pathways of ants entering your home.

Spray areas you suspect mice are scurrying at night. Rodents detest the strong odor of mint.

Spray a tissue and inhale when feeling a pang of nausea in a moving vehicle.

Spray your fingertips and rub your temples to help relieve a throbbing headache.

Spray a tissue and inhale to open congested sinus passages.

Peppermint has a multitude of uses. Experiment for yourself!

And last, try peppermint tea bags for a delicious stomach settling tea.

Pregnant women and those with high blood pressure, please check with your physician before using this product.

Cooling Peppermint Body Spray comes in an 4 oz. plastic spray bottle. If you have a preference of the bottle please let me know.
Pictured above are the white or natural #2 HDPE or blue #1 PET plastic, all easily recyclable.
The blue PET bottle is the boston round style so even though it looks smaller than the #2 HDPE type they all hold 4 oz.

"Stacy, your Summer Heat Body spray is amazing. I love the peppermint scent. WOW! I would not have lasted on the dock today without it. It's amazing stuff!"

 Peppermint Body or Air Spray  Peppermint Body or Air Spray  Peppermint Body or Air Spray  Peppermint Body or Air Spray  Peppermint Body or Air Spray  Peppermint Body or Air Spray

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