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For that special someone or all for yourself, this basket assortment of bath and body items for the lover of patchouli just could be the ooh, aah kind of gift. Regardless of whether you feel you are a free spirit, flower child or hippie, anyone can love patchouli.

Smell is closely related to memory, and fragrances can bring about emotional feelings which can catch you by surprise. If you try to figure out where that flash came from you may be at a loss.
The sense of smell acts mostly on a subconscious level and we are often unaware of the many odors in our environment as we go about our lives. Odors work through associations and often people find their creativity is enhanced with certain scents and find it fascinating but don't consciously have an explanation.

Patchouli has a powerful action on our psyche and brings a sense of sacredness of life. Its earthy smell can stimulate and strengthen the nervous system and act almost like a sedative for anxiety. Reaching deep into our emotions, this oil dispels sexual tensions and has become known as an aphrodisiac.

Containing a healing agent, patchoulene, patchouli is also recommended for healing inflamed skin conditions and wound care. Its skin rejuvenating properties help mature skin maintain its suppleness, therefore is often seen in moisturizing creams.

Body sprays are a pleasant, refreshing, yet personal statement in a body care routine. If the strength of colognes and perfumes come on a bit too strong, then a light body spray would be ideal.
Combine the "scent of change, the scent of peace" with the upbeat, cheery freshness of tangerine and you may be one step ahead of emotional situations that tend to confuse our good judgement.

Patchouli is known to be a helpful bug deterrent, therefore this spray may come in handy during outdoor music events or gatherings. Just be aware that as with all the essential oils in the citrus family, tangerine is known to be photosensitive. What this means is to be careful with sun exposure. You don't want to encourage a sunburn.
Body spray comes in a 4 oz. plastic spray top bottle

Skin nourishing moisture for both men and women.
Moisturizer recipes can vary with many choices of therapeutic oils and butters. Shea and Coconut Fluff Face and Body Moisturizer utilizes two basic ingredients for intensive skin care: shea butter and coconut oil. No added water! What that means is less risk of the introduction of bacteria and spoilage. Whipped to achieve a fluffy, non-greasy consistency, this combination is a suburb moisturizer, a soothing aid for irritating skin conditions, even an after shave balm.
Fluff butter comes in a 4 oz. plastic jar

Warm baths can be one of the most therapeutic "me time" things you can do for your psychological and physical health. Your achy body and overwhelmed mind can simply relax and let go of the days stresses.
Our Sensual Earth Bath Oil takes patchouli and lavender essential oils and adds them to a carrier oil combination of olive, sweet almond, apricot seed, jojoba, and wheat germ oils. This balanced blend is good for most skin types. Not too heavy or light, these oils are soothing and skin softening.
Bath oil comes in a 4 oz. amber glass dropper bottle.

Our sense of smell is so deep rooted in our memories that to come across a familiar scent often brings on a moment of deja vu. Grateful Dead fans will smile at the memory of the song "Ripple" and may reminisce about the chosen paths their lives have taken.

Ripple Thru Time Body Powder is talcum like but doesn't use talc. Talc is refined and powdered magnesium silicate and there is concern it may contain asbestos which is carcinogenic.
There are a variety of natural substances which can be used for homemade powders. This silky, smooth formula uses tapioca starch powder, baking soda and kaolin clay powder, a combination that absorbs perspiration while softening the skin.
Powder comes in a 6 oz. shaker type plastic bottle.

If you've ever experienced a leaky perfume bottle in your purse you'll surely understand the practicality of a solid perfume. No worry about breaking glass or replacing an expensive handbag and everything in it. Packing for travel can become easier without the hassle of wrapping another bottle containing a liquid.
These little 1/2 oz. jars are long-lasting and discreet. By rubbing a bit at the places you wish, nothing gets wasted in the air around you.

A new item added to the shop since this assortment was listed is our Patchouli Hemp Hand and Body Lotion. A beautiful skin nourishing blend utilizing the beneficial properties of hemp seed oil.

These six patchouli based bath and body care items will arrive arranged as a gift basket all ready for your occasion. Baskets and basket liners will vary from pictured

Patchouli Love Gift Basket, Bath and Body Assortment, , Birthday Idea, Holidays, Patchouli Love Gift Basket, Bath and Body Assortment, , Birthday Idea, Holidays, Patchouli Love Gift Basket, Bath and Body Assortment, , Birthday Idea, Holidays, Patchouli Love Gift Basket, Bath and Body Assortment, , Birthday Idea, Holidays, Patchouli Love Gift Basket, Bath and Body Assortment, , Birthday Idea, Holidays, Patchouli Love Gift Basket, Bath and Body Assortment, , Birthday Idea, Holidays,

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