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We demand a lot from our tired feet, therefore proper care and pampering should not be overlooked. This foot soak salt blend is wonderful to rejuvenate not only your feet but also your mood after a long day. Great to use as a preventative to fungal problems or as a natural treatment if you already are bothered by itchy feet.

Long hours spent in sweaty sneakers or shoes or exposure in public showers and swimming pools can put one at a higher risk for fungal infections. Itchy feet can be maddening.
Athlete's foot fungus needs moisture and darkness to grow. This fungus thrives in the warm moist skin between toes that are trapped in humid, dark shoes.
Life being what it is we must wear shoes, therefore getting rid of these tormenting infections can be very difficult.

As a person ages it may become difficult to bend and have the dexterity and strength in the hands to be able to cut one's own toenails. Often the feet are not properly cared for and the result is overgrown, toughened, yellowed toenails. The best way to prepare the feet is to soak them first to soften the nails and cleanse between the toes. By using salt water with the addition of fungal killing essential oils, any fungal problems can also be treated while the feet soak.

The idea behind this salt foot bath is to kill the fungus. Magnesium sulfate, epsom salts, act as a powerful drying agent.

Tinea pedis is the name given to the fungus responsible for the misery of athletes foot. Very contagious, this infection is easily spread in locker rooms and public swimming pools.

Epsom and sea salts are very therapeutic for pampering sore, itchy feet. Disinfecting, cleansing and detoxifying, salt baths relax, soothe and reduce inflammation. Salt has long been used as a healing agent.

Tea tree oil has quite a reputation as a strong antifungal and antiseptic remedy for wounds, foot and nail problems.

Lavender also has these antifungal and antiseptic properties, but in addition helps with inflammation and damaged tissue. Smells wonderful and helps you relax.

Peppermint is stimulating, cleansing and cooling. This minty oil helps relieve the itching associated with the tinea fungus.

For fungal problems these foot baths should ideally be done twice a day. Get a basin deep enough that when you add the warm water your ankles will be covered. You'll probably need from 1 - 2 gallons of warm water. Add water first, then 1 heaping TBSP of salt mixture. The addition of the essentials add potency to the salts so not as much is needed than if you just add your own salt.
Keep you feet immersed for about 15 minutes.

For toenail infections, you can make a thick salty soup in just enough water to submerse the toes. The increase in magnesium sulfate right on the nails increases the success of killing the fungus.

It is very important that you dry your feet thoroughly when finished.
For these foot baths as well as after showering, blow dry your feet with a blow dryer, especially in between the toes.
Continue to use this salt water foot bath daily until the fungus is gone.

If desired, follow up with a foot conditioning pumice type tool to scrape the peeling, rough patches and calloused skin.

Those dealing with athlete's foot should not take baths. This could spread the fungal infection and add jock itch (tinea cruris) to your discomfort.

Keep in mind that stress tends to worsen these fungal infections.

Avoid nylon socks; wool or cotton is better able to whisk away perspiration. Keep the area between the toes as dry as possible. Periodically let your feet breathe by going barefoot or wearing flip flops.
Fungi love heat, moistness, and humidity. The cooler and drier you keep your toes and feet, the quicker they will heal.

Pair this salt remedy with our Fungal Fighter Foot Powder and you'll be prepared to prevent or treat these infections should you be susceptible in the future.

Fungal Fighter Salts Foot Bath comes in an 8 oz. size plastic jar which will weigh about 12 oz.. Included is a plastic scoop that holds about 1 1/2 TBSP.

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