Citrus Fresh Body Powder, talc free

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Body powders have long been used as part of one's personal hygiene.
In days gone by the presence of body powder on a woman's vanity was a must.
Part of the routine following a bath or shower was to apply body powder to remain dry and fresh, or in shoes to control odor.

In our busy lives these little touches of femininity often go by the wayside. Bring this tradition back into your life with powders such as our Sweet N' Tangy Fresh Body Powder. Stored in a shaker top container for convenient portability, this scent blend just may uplift your spirits.
The tangy citrus aroma of sweet orange, lemon and bergamot are fun and fresh, and combine well with the sweet, floral essence of the 'flower of flowers', ylang ylang. The citrus fruits have always been associated with being sunny, bright and refreshing.
Ylang ylang is known to be warm, intense and a bit exotic.

Powders can have several uses. Sprinkle your linens for freshness, add a touch to your shoes to combat moisture and odor, prevent chafing from those tight jeans, find relief on a hot, sweaty afternoon or just to become part of your routine before dressing.

Sweet N' Tangy Fresh Body Powder is talcum like but doesn't use talc. Talc is refined and powdered magnesium silicate and there is concern it may contain asbestos which is carcinogenic.

There are a variety of natural substances which can be used for homemade powders. This formula uses tapioca starch powder, baking soda and kaolin clay powder. Tapioca starch is usually used as a thickener in preparations but is great as a powder as well. We all know the multitude of uses for sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Here it is used for its wonderful absorption of moisture. Kaolin clay is often used in masks and baths for its exfoliating and skin softening qualities. Useful for dusting powders because it doesn't draw the natural oils from your skin.

Sweet N' Tangy Fresh Body Powder is listed as being in a shaker type plastic container. If you prefer a powder puff type container let me know. Shaker bottle is 6 oz.

Citrus Fresh Body Powder, talc free Citrus Fresh Body Powder, talc free Citrus Fresh Body Powder, talc free Citrus Fresh Body Powder, talc free

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