Body Powder, Patchouli n' Lavender, talc free

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A body powder tempted to take you down memory lane.

Most every female remembers playing with her mother's powder puff as a child while playing dress-up. We associate these fragrant dusting powders with a sense of the feminine and pure silky softness.

Our sense of smell is so deep rooted in our memories that to come across a familiar scent often brings on a moment of deja vu.

Patchouli and Lavender are a combination often associated with the movements during the '60's and '70's. A time of radical change in attitudes and lifestyle choices. Whether you've always loved the wet earth woodsy smell of patchouli or are just now being introduced, it is a long lingering fragrance that becomes part of your nature.
Patchouli can come on rather strong so lavender adds its mellowing, balancing touch; sure to bring a sense of calm and good energies.

Ripple Thru Time Body Powder is talcum like but doesn't use talc. Talc is refined and powdered magnesium silicate and there is concern it may contain asbestos which is carcinogenic.

There are a variety of natural substances which can be used for homemade powders. This formula uses tapioca starch powder, baking soda and kaolin clay powder. Tapioca starch is usually used as a thickener in preparations but is great as a powder as well. We all know the multitude of uses for sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Here it is used for its wonderful absorption. Kaolin clay is often used in masks and baths for its exfoliating and skin softening qualities. Useful for dusting powders because it doesn't draw the natural oils from your skin.

Powders are wonderful following a bath or shower. Sprinkle liberally on desired areas to freshen, absorb excess moisture and ready yourself for whatever is on your agenda.

Ripple Thru Time Body Powder is listed as being in a shaker type plastic container. If you prefer a powder puff type container let me know. Shaker bottle is 6 oz.

Bear not included

Thanks Jeannie!

Body Powder, Patchouli n' Lavender, talc free Body Powder, Patchouli n' Lavender, talc free Body Powder, Patchouli n' Lavender, talc free Body Powder, Patchouli n' Lavender, talc free

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