Meadow Muffin Gardens - "Beauty is only an herb away."
Meadow Muffin Gardens offers a wide range of products, from the practical  to the pampering in personal skin and body care for the entire family. Various items such as the salves, balms, shampoo and anxiety spray can also be used for pets (some exceptions for cats).
Click each category to view the selections, read the descriptions and make a purchase.
Our choice of containers for the products are environmentally friendly and easily recycled. The plastic bottles are either #2 HDPE (white or see through "natural" plastic) or #1 PET plastic (clear or various colors). HDPE plastic bottles (High Density Polyethylene) are stiff and offer good impact resistance. PET plastic bottles (Polyethylene Terephthalate) are transparent and also very durable. Both types of plastic are very tolerant of products using essential oils.
The tops are a spray mist, pop-up dispenser or a pump type.
The jars are #5 PP white or see through plastic or #1 PET clear plastic.
The glass bottles are amber with glass dropper type caps.
Please help in our efforts to be earth friendly and either reuse or recycle the empty containers.
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