Meadow Muffin Gardens - "Beauty is only an herb away."
  Utilizing herbs, flowers, aromatherapy, and oils without the use of synthetics, preservatives, artificial colorings or fragrances we create natural solutions to personal and family care needs. 
Wholesome and practical is the best way to describe our line of body care.  Guided by wisdom and knowledge passed down from past generations, our products consist of ingredients provided by our natural world.  Information and recipes often tucked away in quaint old books resurface to remind us that  'simple is best'.
Our creams, balms, toners, massage oils and sprays are kind to the earth as well as our bodies in that they are free from chemical, and synthetic components. These items do not contain animal products, nor undergo animal testing.

The safety of using essential oils during pregnancy should always be considered before making a purchase. Please don't hesitate to ask questions but it is always best to voice any concerns with your physician. This is a very informative article on using essential oils during pregnancy:
Items are made in small batches as they are needed.  In our attempts to avoid the use of parabens as preservatives, only natural preservatives are used. The paraben family includes methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and ethylparaben. Parabens are synthetic (aka chemical) preservatives commonly used to increase the shelf life in cosmetics and personal care products. Being parabens have been known to cause skin problems as well as disrupt the body's endocrine system, we'd rather leave them out of our products. Our philosophy is that your body care products should be fresh (as with anything put into or onto your body) and are not meant to sit on a shelf for lengths of time.
Natural preservatives used include antimicrobial grapefruit seed extract,  antioxidant Vit. E and the concentration of essential oils if used. What this means is that while these natural preservatives deter the growth of bacteria and molds, they are not broad spectrum and offer a limited shelf life. Products which contain water such as the creams and lotions are the most at risk for contamination. Such at risk products should be used within about 4 months. The salves, balms, honey, salts, powders, butters, and oils, containing no water, are very stable as is and are fine for months. Keep any of the products in a cool location, use clean hands, and keep out of exposure to heat and sunlight. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life of perishable items.
Recommended for the pump lotions:
Lotions can contain up to 80% water, putting them at the greatest risk for mold and bacteria. If you prefer the addition of a synthetic preservative for longer storage outside of the refrigerator I will use a broad-sprectrum product called Optiphen, a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative. Optiphen is a globally approved preservative system created by ISP consisting of Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol.
Please let me know your preference upon ordering bottled lotions.
Natural skin care rewards you with the knowledge of knowing what you are putting on your body, thereby reducing the chance of skin irritation or allergic reaction. However, immune systems differ, therefore there is always the risk of sensitivity even with natural products. Shifting to natural body care gears you away from commercial hype concerning beauty and more towards trusting your own intuition. Feel nurtured and more spiritually in tune with what your body needs to remain in good health, which is the description of beauty.
 Essential oils are the complex,  aromatic chemical compounds from flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, trees and shrubs.  These oils are the plants' natural defense mechanisms to protect them from insect and animal attacks. Containing antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, these are recognized and beneficial for our bodies as well. Physically and psychologically, essential oils help restore balance to our bodily systems. These very concentrated oils have a chemical structure similar to that found in human cells and tissues. This compatibility enables them to be easily accepted by the body.
Please understand the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils.
Don't evaluate a product just be smelling it. Be aware of what is actually in it.
Aromatherapy essential oils are naturally occurring substances found in different parts of plants.
Fragrance oils are manufactured scents created for use in cosmetics, candles, sprays, etc.   They are not natural to our bodily chemistry and there is the risk of  irritation.
Essential oils are used for their healing and therapeutic benefits.  Essential oil molecules  continue to work long after our sense of smell stops detecting them.  The nose will stop registering the scent after a period of time as it becomes tired of the stimulation. 
As a wise consumer, take note that the difference between products containing fragrance oils vs. essentials will often be in the price tag.  The production of pure, therapeutic essential oils is labor intensive requiring a large amount of initial plant material.  Supply and demand greatly effects the availability and price.  
Expect to find personal care products containing chamomile, sandalwood, helichrysum and rose to be more expensive when pure oils are used. 
Located in scenic southeastern Pennsylvania, Meadow Muffin Gardens is recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a certified wildlife habitat.  Our origins began as many  growing families with the desire for open space and clean living.  We began with a  plan to plant deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs natural to our area.  Mowing around these little plants eventually turned an ordinary yard area  into a maze of paths, thus encouraging wildlife to call it their home.  We learned from experience the unique needs of various plants. What survived our winters is what established itself rather than my envisioned garden design.
Interest in herbal gardening was encouraged by the passion of a coworker. The education began in earnest with the realization that a weed is just a plant for which people haven't a use or is growing out of place.
A little research into human history soon brought to light how quickly people forget with each passing generation what was once vital information for survival. Before our age of technological advancement the use of plants was a part of everyday life for food, clothing, medicine, cosmetics, perfumes and textiles.  The interdependence between plants, insects and animals in our environment makes one realize how harmful human indifference can be.  To be oblivious to the role each part of our creation serves is detrimental for ourselves and the earth we depend on for our own survival.
Everything serves a purpose in the life cycle.  We can be companions to all of God's creation. We must learn to be leavers rather than takers from this world we were given stewardship. Come join us as we seek  health and fulfillment while treading lightly upon the chosen path each of us was given.
Meadow Muffin Gardens is the result of a passion to recognize the abundance of natural gifts provided to us by our Creator. Our desire is to utilize the healing power of plants and encourage people to educate themselves towards a greener footprint in their lives.  We supply an alternative choice for personal care products.  We are not intending to treat or cure any particular condition.  As with any herbal remedy, information and formulas have not been regulated by the FDA.  Herbal lore has been trusted and handed down through the years but it is within your discretion how you use this information in treating a condition.  Meadow Muffin Gardens does not take responsibility for your use of these products.  Ingredients are listed so you as the consumer can use your own discretion as to which herbs, oils and essential oils may be beneficial to your needs.
  Pregnant and breastfeeding women and those with epilepsy should use caution with essential oils and check with their doctor before use.
 Personal care products on the market often contain ammonium or hydrocarbon-based chemicals. Keep the following note in mind when using creams,lotions,etc. that utilize essential oils. Skin which has been previously exposed to products containing synthetic and petroleum-based chemicals may have these chemicals stored within the fatty tissues of the skin. Essential oils may react with such chemicals and cause skin irritation. Temporarily discontinue use until your body eliminates these toxins.
Stacy Whalen lives with her husband, two children and a menagerie of pets in rural southeastern  Pennsylvania.
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